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Business Development Manager

About the role

Polk Mechanical Company is a leading construction company in Dallas and Houston offering commercial, industrial, risk management, and maintenance services. The company serves both commercial and industrial clients.

Approaching 16 years old, the company is continuing to set new milestones and as a result is adding new staff and raising the expectations of its team. We are looking for a visionary leader to develop a marketing and sales plan that will take Polk Mechanical to the next level and will establish growth for the Greater Houston Region.

The Business Development Manager will:

Grow customer relationships that are both sufficient and sustainable for the group’s strategic growth plan. Assist operations leadership in delivering unparalleled customer experience, resulting in a strong bench of customer relationships to support future growth.

  • Within 90 days, perform a market reconnaissance to assess the current customer base.
  • Use data from market reconnaissance with current business plan to develop a marketing and new customer attraction plan to address needs for business growth.
  • Aligned individual customer development plans with the requirements of business growth.

Grow Construction Sales from $12MM to $30MM within three years.

  • Focus on developing a strong and sustainable pipeline of opportunities based on strong relationships that provide a high degree of successfully awarded projects.
  • Evaluate and develop a strategy to target high potential targets and projects.
  • Develop a strategy based on relationships that provide opportunities to secure the best projects in the space with high percentages of success.

Build a customer service culture internal and external.

  • Determine status of client relationships and develop a process to increase appreciation.
  • Create program to increase the reputation of Polk Mechanical in the Houston marketplace.
  • Develop relationships with clients that provide Polk Mechanical advantages in the construction space.
  • Create network of relationships that establish Polk Mechanical as a great place to work.

Further details are available within the candidate information brochure.

To apply please send your résumé with details of current compensation to: