A proven track record across a variety of disciplines

FWB’s Search and Talent Attraction & Research teams have significant experience of providing search services across a range of key executive and non-executive leadership disciplines.

The disciplines for which we recruit are listed below.

Chair and Non-executive Director

Taking talent to the highest level

We have developed an enviable reputation for delivering outstanding Chair, Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor appointments. As Co-Founders of a professional network and NXD Development Programme , we are committed to supporting both businesses in sourcing the right Board level talent as well as helping to develop and foster the Board and NXD Talent of the future.

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It all starts at the top

No leadership role has more impact on an organisation’s success then the Chief Executive Officer. Finding the right one is, inevitably, the most critical search you will ever undertake. Whether they are promoted internally or appointed from outside the organisation a new CEO should be selected to deliver the specific goals the board has determined for the business and its shareholder or stakeholders. They must possess the skills, expertise and personality it will take to lead the whole organisation to achieve those goals.

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CFO and Financial Management

A truly global financial practice

Our CFO Practice has been at the core of the companies success since it’s launch over 30 years ago and that position is now stronger than ever as our capabilities and track record are now truly global.  As Co-Founder of the Scottish Finance Directors Network and Judges of the CFO Awards, we have unrivalled opportunities to engage with and recruit best-in-class finance talent both locally and internationally.

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Operations and General Management

Sourcing extraordinary people to handle the day-to-day

Whether you are looking for a Divisional Managing Director, a General Manager, and Operations Director or a COO, we are experts at finding operations talent. We work collaboratively with clients to understand the nuances of their business and gain insights into its specific structure so we can match their needs precisely and effectively.

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Equipping the engine rooms of growth

Sales, Marketing, External Communications, Customer Service, and the newly emerging ‘Growth’ Function are all critical parts of a healthy business growth strategy. And they are all areas where attracting people whose commercial mindset matches the organisation, is absolutely critical. We have a strong track record in advising businesses across the globe of every size and scale and helping them find the talent and passion to drive their growth strategies.

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Human Resources

Leading the way in HR

Our Human Resources Practice has become a trusted partner for organisations seeking to find and develop HR leaders capable of propelling performance. As co-founders of the Scottish HR Leadership Group we are extremely well networked and connected to the sector and coupled with our expertise in executive search, talent attraction, salary benchmarking, and wider recruitment services, mean we are uniquely well equipped to fulfil your HR needs. We can also help you navigate the evolving HR landscape to unlock the full potential of your existing workforce.

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IT, Digital and Technology

In a data-driven world, you need digital talent like never before

Whether you are looking for people to spearhead emerging technologies or seeking difficult-to-source senior technologists to lead on cyber, data or transformation strategies, we have an extensive history of identifying and attracting the talent you need. We have also supported our clients to recruit highly experienced CIOs and CTOs for a wide range of businesses across a huge variety of different industries and have a real wealth of intelligence on world-class digital, information and technology leaders.

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Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics

Keeping the wheels of industry turning smoothly

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, our team has a vast bank of experience. This ranges from direct manufacturing and supply chain industry experience to setting-up and scaling a market-leading procurement and supply chain business. The challenges in this area are exceptionally varied and the Practice relishes the variety of leadership roles they fill and the breadth of talent they draw upon.

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Legal and Governance

A highly qualified practice

Our Legal and Governance team comprises highly experienced search professionals, several of whom are legally trained or former practising lawyers. They bring extensive senior-level search experience and first-hand understanding of the demands of these roles in corporate and public sector organisations to each assignment.

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