Professional Services

Where talent is everything

Our Professional Services team recognises that talent is the single biggest driver of success in this sector. Consequently, we recognise that we have a vital supporting role to play giving our clients access to the best of that talent and optimising the management of that talent with well-resourced and intelligence-led sector insights. We work predominantly with Accounting, Tax, Legal, Technology and Management Consultancy advisory firms.

Attracting the right leaders for a world-leading sector

From global management consultancies to boutique legal and accountancy services, the UK professional services sector is among the largest and most influential in the world. Maintaining the talent that has earned the UK that enviable position is critical to the performance of both the individual professional service businesses and to our national economy to which the sector makes a huge contribution.  Our depth of knowledge and experience of the sector means our Professional Services Practice are well-placed to support your business whether we are advising on fundraising or the sale of a business to talent acquisition and retention.