Engineering and Manufacturing

Sourcing top talent to take advantage of the changing global industrial climate

Our Manufacturing and Engineering practice works collaboratively with large multinationals, large private and private equity backed organisations to create dynamic talent attraction strategies. Partnering with clients from a wide range of manufacturing and engineering organisations covering everything from aerospace engines and industrial turbines to buses and ships, we have a strong track record advising complex and evolving industrial organisations. Our E&M Practice is also closely aligned with our Energy practice covering carbon capture, energy transition, renewables, and utilities.

An evolving approach to leadership

As the sector experiences increasing growth and investment, engineering and manufacturing businesses seek leaders with the agility and international experience to take advantage of rapid changes in the global industrial climate. As a result of these changes, industrial businesses of all sizes have often evolved to have significantly different structures from just a decade ago. More diverse, less formal, business-models with flatter, more fluid organisational structures mean that finding people with the skill and talent to lead and inspire, has never been more important.