Technology and Life Sciences

Passionate about progress and change

We help some of the world’s fastest-growing technology and life sciences businesses attract the best talent and design and develop the game-changing technologies needed.

Competition for talent in this field is fiercer than ever before, as more and more industries turn to technology to meet the challenges they face. As leadership requirements become more specialised, technology more advanced, and customers more global, securing the right executives to drive your company’s success is more complex than ever.

Reinforcing the UK’s position as a science and technology superpower

From Skyscanner to Amazon and university spinouts to exciting Private-Equity-Backed scale ups, the UK is home to some of the most exciting global and scaling technology companies. Its life sciences sector has led the world, and from scaling up bioscience and drug discovery companies to life changing wearable healthcare we partner with these businesses w to help them attract, retain and develop the exceptional talent required for growth.

Encompassing all disciplines

Working across all scientific and software specialisms, we’ve built a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by scaling technology and life sciences companies. This goes far beyond tech executive recruitment, and we are helping address everything from fundraising and product development, to commercial penetration and market entry. We fully appreciate the challenges that rapid-growth businesses face along their journeys and take a highly collaborative approach to deliver the dynamic leadership needed to achieve their strategic goals.