It all starts at the top

No leadership role has more impact on an organisation’s success then the Chief Executive Officer. Finding the right one is, inevitably, the most critical search you will ever undertake. Whether they are promoted internally or appointed from outside the organisation a new CEO should be selected to deliver the specific goals the board has determined for the business and its shareholder or stakeholders. They must possess the skills, expertise and personality it will take to lead the whole organisation to achieve those goals.

Delivering against all the talents

Leaders of today’s organisations require a combination of technical skills and strategic foresight to master a wide range of technological and regulatory while rising to tactical and economic opportunities. In addition to these skills, they need to be consummate communicators with the ability to engage and inspire stakeholders at every level: from board members and employees to consumers, investors and, of course, the media.

Over 30 years of network and track record

We have an excellent track record of successfully recruiting Chief Executives for a range of businesses from start-ups looking for someone to work alongside a founder, to family businesses to listed PLCs. We’ve also identified and placed CEOs at the head of major public sector and charitable bodies. to family-owned businesses. Our depth and breadth of knowledge, collected from working across all major sectors means we have the expertise and intelligence to take the stress out of your most challenging leadership appointments.