Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics

Keeping the wheels of industry turning smoothly

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, our team has a vast bank of experience. This ranges from direct manufacturing and supply chain industry experience to setting-up and scaling a market-leading procurement and supply chain business. The challenges in this area are exceptionally varied and the Practice relishes the variety of leadership roles they fill and the breadth of talent they draw upon.

Revolutions require outstanding leaders

The manufacturing industry is undergoing some of the most extraordinary transformations in history as it goes through the second industrial revolution. This is presenting a whole new suite of challenges but a wealth of opportunity as automation, blockchain and AI drive efficiencies to new levels. The fragility of supply chains was fully revealed during the pandemic and geopolitical tensions are also influencing new attitudes to globalisation. In a world moving as fast as this, companies need internationally experienced leaders who are agile enough to take advantage of changing global industrial climates. Many industrial companies have evolved beyond recognition over the past ten years and finding the dynamic leadership, capable of adapting at pace and keeping them on track, is more important now than ever before.

Turning tactical roles to your strategic advantage

Trade wars, geopolitical uncertainty, digital disruptors, financial volatility and resource scarcity have turned raw materials sourcing, logistics and supply chain from a tactical function into a strategic one. Speed to market, fulfilment rates and lower carbon footprints have all become competitive advantages so companies need procurement, logistics and supply chain leaders who combine business and financial acumen, risk management skills, and international experience. Those with the ability to build sustainable and creative supplier strategies, manage cost and drive innovation are in unprecedented demand and there is an international battle for that talent – a battle that which together with our clients we have been winning

It’s a battle that we have been winning, helping to secure exceptional logistics, supply chain and procurement leaders for a range of high profile and innovative organisations worldwide.

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