Legal and Governance

A highly qualified practice

Our Legal and Governance team comprises highly experienced search professionals, several of whom are legally trained or former practising lawyers. They bring extensive senior-level search experience and first-hand understanding of the demands of these roles in corporate and public sector organisations to each assignment.

Incorporating the best legal minds

In today’s constantly evolving global business world and fast-moving political environment, scrutiny of legal compliance has never been more acute. Consequently, it is critical that organisations recruit world-class legal, risk, compliance and company secretarial talent.

Turning the law to your advantage

In the face of intensifying regulation, across most industries, and technology which is outpacing the law, Company Secretaries must deploy all their legal talent to protect their company from competitors and regulators whilst leveraging the law to the secure business advantages.

Why using external legal talent is no longer enough

Fundraising, innovation and technological advances, mergers and acquisitions, and international expansion are all now integral to business growth. To facilitate that growth and protect business in an increasingly litigious environment, senior legal and risk management leaders are now taking positions as collaborative strategic advisors to CEOs and their boards. We have been working more and more with organisations seeking to bring top flight legal talent in house and would be happy to discuss the benefits of doing this in your business.

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