Our approach

FWB have been an integral and successful part of the Scottish business landscape for over 30 years – placing candidates, putting like minded people together, sparking ideas through thought leadership, stimulating debate and running great events – the list goes on.

Malcolm Kpedekpo

Founding Partner, Panoramic Growth Equity

Leaders, investors, and stakeholders all agree that people are at the heart of every company and organisation and emphasise the importance of talent attraction. At FWB we combine our experience, judgement, and the rigour of our approach to support our clients with their talent attraction strategies.

We work as a team, harnessing the talents we have in Executive Search, Talent Attraction and Research, and Business Support. (jump links to each team?) When you engage with FWB your relationship will be managed by one of our Recruitment Directors, supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Our approach is logical, clear and unambiguous, thorough with an added touch of flair and ambition. We want to go the extra mile. With a long track record of success our approach is also tried and tested. We know it works and so do our clients. We deliver the results they are seeking. We are straightforward, fair and easy to deal with. We avoid needless jargon and over complication. We are highly effective partners in the search for the best talent.

At the outset we will ensure that we completely understand our clients brief including skills, experience, qualifications and personal qualities. We then design a talent attraction plan to identify and attract the right candidates.

Our methodology includes detailed timetables, milestones and insightful client reporting and advice throughout the process. Our approach to selection includes interviews, assessments, evaluations and referencing.

Talent Attraction and Research

Identifying the presence of specific talent in the market can be challenging. In such situations, either prior to a search or as part of it, we offer our clients a comprehensive industry mapping analysis to assess the availability and quality of relevant talent.

All of our searches are underpinned by a tailored Talent Attraction and Research strategy and our Talent Attraction and Research professionals are all highly trained using both external accredited training providers and our inhouse training and development programmes. Our team are also supported with access to sophisticated candidate search tools, market insight tracking programme’s and regular investment in new technologies.

Working closely with, and in support of our Recruitment Directors they work end to end, from attending client briefings through client updates through to the successful completion of each assignment.

A key feature of their role is to provide ‘talent maps’, which are bespoke analytical reports  identifying potential candidates by sector, discipline, geography, and seniority. This aspect of our service is available both as part of an assignment and as a stand-alone offering. It is powerful and insightful and informs many of our client’s talent attraction strategies.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

FWB has a long history of being at the forefront of D, E & I across our executive search and in particular our approach to  ‘talent mapping’. Our approach in this regard is underpinned by our ‘go the extra mile’ attitude to, for example reach underrepresented groups. We also run and facilitate courses within our own events programme, the educational programmes we run jointly with leading Universities and crucially via our contribution to the Scottish HR Leadership Group, an organisation we co-founded in 2018 and has D, E & I at its very core.

At FWB we build and maintain professional networks and are constantly seeking to add to those, creating opportunities for learning and career advancement for all of those we engage with.

We are committed to D, E & I in the development of our own business as we understand that by creating a more diverse and inclusive FWB we will have a positive impact on our colleagues, clients and the communities within which we live and work. We are dedicated to supporting our clients with their own D, E & I objectives.

We understand that we have an important role to fulfil and that we are a positive reflection of the environment we work in, not by simply accepting the status quo but by playing our part in challenging ourselves and others to ensure that progress is being made.