Operations and General Management

Sourcing extraordinary people to handle the day-to-day

Whether you are looking for a Divisional Managing Director, a General Manager, and Operations Director or a COO, we are experts at finding operations talent. We work collaboratively with clients to understand the nuances of their business and gain insights into its specific structure so we can match their needs precisely and effectively.

The toughest job in the business?

Operations roles usually come with extremely broad and complex remits, whether they’re in Financial Services or a Consumer Goods Manufacturing business. This means that the Operations Director or General Manager will typically be accountable for a number of functions which fall outside their core discipline. Consequently, they need to be highly versatile. The best operations leaders and COO’s are also extremely strong people leaders with exceptional mental agility. They will often have a process mapping, project management or continuous improvement mindset that empowers them to amalgamate many of the businesses core functions and operations together into one seamless and efficient offering.

Understanding the individual

The requirement for real breadth of knowledge and ability to thrive outside the comfort zone, of their core technical discipline is a tall order and requires a very specific type of person. This is why our leadership, strategic thinking and softer skills assessment is even more crucial than with many  other roles. It is one of the key ways in which we can expertly guide your choice and ensure that we identify precisely the right person to lead operations at your business.

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