Empowering fresh approaches to consumers

Digitisation and new disruptive models have transformed the nature of consumer behaviour over the past decade. Understanding those changes and the challenges they bring is essential to securing the diversity of talent needed to succeed in this increasingly competitive and complex sector.

Our consumer practice has built a global track record working with clients everywhere from India to New York and the Caribbean to New Zealand. Our reputation for identifying and attracting the brightest and best talent in the sector has earned us the position of being a preferred supplier for many of the world’s market-leading, as well as some of its more disruptive, consumer goods and services brands.

Sourcing leaders in a challenging market

Whether you’re seeking growth, innovation, heightened competitiveness or adjusting to increased regulatory and media pressures, your customers will be at the heart of your strategy. Exceptional customer service and innovative product development are key to this, so the demand for strong strategic, technically minded and customer-centric leaders has never been greater. They must also be able to respond dynamically to uncertain political and economic conditions, new import and export challenges and highly variable raw materials costs. These factors combine to make this one of the most complex areas we operate in, but it is a challenge we relish.

Covering all consumer markets

Our extensive expertise across food and beverage, personal care, household products, durable goods, consumer electronics, and health and wellness, means we can deliver in-depth insights to help you secure and attract the talent you need to flourish in an ever-changing consumer sector.