CFO and Financial Management

A truly global financial practice

Our CFO Practice has been at the core of the companies success since it’s launch over 30 years ago and that position is now stronger than ever as our capabilities and track record are now truly global.  As Co-Founder of the Scottish Finance Directors Network and Judges of the CFO Awards, we have unrivalled opportunities to engage with and recruit best-in-class finance talent both locally and internationally.

A bigger role than ever before

CFOs have a crucial role to play as strategic business partners to their CEOs. As well as forging strategic partnerships within the firm and with key stakeholders, they must cultivate skilled finance functions to deliver world-class data and insights to support the business. CEOs and boards no longer simply want someone to ‘just keep the books’ but are seeking people who will set their businesses apart through robust commercial and financial leadership and their commitment to sustainable environmental, social, and governance practices.

Giving your business the financial edge

Our mission is to collaborate closely with you to help find the calibre of leader needed to propel your organisation towards profitable growth. Finding exceptional financial talent can be challenging, especially in today’s, highly competitive, market. But that’s where our expertise comes into play, and we know just how important financial talent is in giving your business the edge.

Whether you are looking to appoint a CFO, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Head of FP&A, Tax, or an M&A or Transformation specialist, we have the skills, insights and market intelligence to help you attract and retain exceptional financial talent.

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