ITAKOM – An International Conference on Neurodiversity

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FWB Park Brown is delighted to support their client, Salvesen Mindroom Centre, which is hosting an international conference on Neurodiversity at the EICC in March.

The conference is called It Takes All Kinds Of Minds – ‘ITAKOM’  and is focused entirely on Neurodiversity. The website provides all information plus a fascinating video on the brain –  This will be a local, national and international event bringing together researchers, educators, professionals, parents, carers, employers, policy makers and volunteers.

During the two days of ITAKOM over 50 speakers will share their knowledge about Neurodiversity using the themes of Healthcare, Education, Community and Workplace.  At each session delegates will hear from a range of diverse voices and the mixture of keynote talks, workshops and panels will be participative and encourage networking. The Virtual delegate option makes ITAKOM accessible anywhere in the world.

The full programme is available here and one of the keynote speakers will be Rory Bremner who will talk about his life with ADHD.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, there is a special Bursary Scheme aimed at helping those who wish to attend but do not have funding.

Co-Founder of FWB Park Brown, and Trustee of Salvesen Mindroom Centre, Judy Wagner said, “the consensus among world experts is that between 10% and 15% of the world’s population do not fit the so called norm and are neurodivergent, and the mission of Salvesen Mindroom Centre is to ensure that with the right support, especially for children, all forms of Neurodiversity are embraced and no mind is left behind. This conference is a unique opportunity to bring experts from across the world to share their learning and experiences with all those who have an interest in Neurodiversity or want to learn more.”

For more information please visit the website or contact Judy at who will be happy to answer any questions and provide more information.

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