Scotland Launches Neurodivergence Support Scheme in UK First

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We are delighted to report that one of our clients, Neurodiversity charity Salvesen Mindroom Centre has launched its Neuroinclusion At Work Programme – the UK’s first programme to support workers who are neurodivergent. Backed by the Scottish Government this programme has the aim of helping those with neurodivergence such as autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

The scheme is hoping to reach one million workers by 2026 and will support employers to become more aware, informed and empowered to take action to support individuals within their workplace.

Two of our clients, commercial law firm Burness Paull and global investment manager Martin Currie will be among the first to partner on the programme.

It is hoped training will help break down workplace barriers neurodivergent people often face.

Judy Wagner, co-founder of FWB Park Brown, and a Trustee of Salvesen Mindroom Centre, said: “Employers that recognise, embrace and support neurodiversity are poised to attract and retain the best employees. Many of our clients are looking at ways to develop a neurodiverse workforce in their organisations. 15-20% of the global population are neurodivergent, and we think there are significant opportunities to enable neurodivergent employees to thrive and for employers to build fully inclusive teams. As companies commit to ensuring equal opportunity for all, they see neuroinclusion as a natural next step.”

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