FWB Park Brown and Edinburgh University Business School are launching a new and unique programme aimed at women in middle management positions aspiring to move up to senior management and boardroom level.

The Executive Women’s Leadership Development Programme has been designed to help women practically address many of the issues and challenges that many at middle management level face in moving up to senior management and board level in their organisations.

This interactive, high-level course will supply the tools, strategies, and networks to support and challenge participants in preparation for the next stage in their career.

Specific Benefits will include:

  • Targeted practical preparation for future upper level leaders
  • An understanding of one’s leadership style through self-awareness of strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Improved confidence in one’s abilities to be a leader across a range of tasks and situations
  • Enhanced executive leadership skills
  • A network of senior level women locally and more broadly through various industries
  • Knowledge of the career progressions and success of a range of inspirational women leaders and a practical understanding of how to use that knowledge in one’s own situation
  • A plan for developing a high power mentoring relationship

The Programme

The programme runs over the course of 8 months with twice monthly sessions and a two-month summer break. The separate sessions use facilitated learning with a combination of professional and academic leaders, and are designed to encourage active learning where participants learn from one another as well as from these experts.

Each module is designed around a theme particularly relevant to women moving into senior management positions, and offers tools or frameworks that can be put into practice immediately. In addition, participants will work on specific projects that require solving leadership problems for specific organisations and applying newly acquired skills. The programme is conducted in a women only environment, which has been found to allow focus on the unique features of women’s careers, and can have a pronounced effect on driving the success of a course for female attendees as opposed to a mixed-gender learning environment.

Each session will be led by a subject matter expert from the Business School along with male and female business leaders from a variety of backgrounds depending upon course topic, with relevant skills and experience pertaining to each. Many of the latter will include CEOs from the UK’s major companies along with high fliers from other fields such as sport and science. The style of learning and delivery will be practical workshops, case studies, and group work to enable practical learning at all times.

For more details please contact Judy Wagner on 0131 539 7087

This story was featured in Business Insider on 17th February 2016 – click here to see the full article