FWB Park Brown – now accredited to provide the Hogan suite of assessments

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In addition to being able to advise on a range of psychometric based tools and assessments, FWB Park Brown is now able to analyse and deliver the Hogan suite of psychometric assessments through our in-house accredited Consultants to compliment our clients’ recruitment and selection process.

These assessments provide an invaluable level of insight into the prospective candidate’s motives, values and personality role fit. The Hogan assessments analyse how the individual will work, how they will lead and how successful they will be. In addition, they examine traits in the candidate that may emerge in times of stress which may derail the individual’s chance of success. Our clients are therefore provided with the information to make insightful, objective and inclusive decisions.  The outputs of the successful candidate’s assessments can then be used going forward as part of their leadership development.

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