Global Energy Leadership Dinner 2019

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On May 6th in Houston, FWB Park Brown hosted its annual Global Energy Leadership Dinner during OTC week. Mary McIntyre, Managing Director – Houston welcomed over 100 international leaders from across the energy value chain to the event and set the stage as she discussed the incredible pace of change we are experiencing in the current digital and technology revolution as well as the cultural challenges faced by companies in embracing new technologies.

We were honoured to have Nabors executives, Jade Strong, Edgar Rincon and Subodh Saxena as our keynote speakers for the evening. The team shared how they as leaders recognise the need to change and develop a culture that embraces innovation. Discussion continued over dinner regarding how companies are creating cultures that encourage and embrace new technologies as the world around us continues to rely more heavily on digital solutions and a faster pace of doing business. In particular, an emphasis on creating workspaces and relationships of trust, both internally and externally, is key to moving forward successfully in this new environment.

John Cameron, Director – Aberdeen summarised the event on the evening: “There is an old saying in the UK, that when it comes to technology, companies are in a race to be second. It is often easier to continue working in ways that are familiar and comfortable. In an environment where there exists ever increasing pressures to reduce costs and work with speed and efficiency, without compromising the safety of employees, it is evident there must be a change both internally and externally when addressing the culture of technology.”

We appreciate our speakers and all who attended and participated this year. It was great to have such a diverse group of executive leaders sharing their ideas and solutions on such a current and relevant topic to the energy industry.

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