Maggie’s ‘Cancer in the Workplace’ Workshops

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HR leaders from all over Scotland met in February and March to discuss the need for expert support and guidance to both employers and employees affected by cancer. The Scottish HR Leadership Group joined forces together with Maggie’s, offering workshops that covered various topics:

  • helping employers understand the emotional, physical and psychological needs of employees
  • approaching difficult situations with knowledge, empathy and understand by providing insights and management strategies
  • creating the right framework to manage employees with cancer

Other talks during the day covered ideas around sensitive communication, adjustments when returning to work, and coping strategies that employers could use to better support their employees. As well as informative, the interactive nature of the workshops ensured that HR leaders were able to have conversations relative to their own corporate environments, learning how to support their employees in a tailored and meaningful response should the need arise.

All in all, a fantastic and uplifting event designed to put structures in place to make the workplace a more effective and supportive environment, committed to the long-term welfare of employees. Due to the event being so well received and the high interest for support in the workplace, The Scottish HR Leadership Group plan to organise another event later this year.

Further information about this event and the Scottish HR Leadership Group can be obtained from Alix Meekison on 0131 539 7087 or

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