New NXD Development Programme: Session 4

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Crisis/Potential Crisis Situations with Guest Speaker Ian Marchant, Chairman, The Wood Group plc on Thursday 7th December 2017

We have all heard stories such as United Airlines which can have devastating effects on a company’s reputation. As the demands and challenges of the business world increase, so do the responsibilities and demands of NXDs – never more so than in crisis or potential crisis situations. How do NXDs recognise the signs? What questions should they be asking to avoid these situations happening and what should they do when things go wrong?

Social Media and Cyber Security are challenging technical areas that can have significant impacts on businesses – positively and negatively, often the latter, and often leading to crises. Therefore, NXDs need to know about these areas, and ask the right questions to prevent potential problems arising. How can they do that?

Ian has extensive experience in these areas and will be advising on what NXDs need to be thinking and asking about to ensure the Board is able to steer the business successfully and thereby avoid crisis situations.

He will also share his extensive experience in many other aspects of managing boards, such as building boards to ensure diversity of all types including thinking styles and experience.

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