OFS in the Energy Transition | Over a Barrel Episode 4

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The journey to net-zero and the use of low carbon energy sources has increased. In the latest episode, the Over A Barrel team explore what future lies ahead for traditional oilfield service companies whilst we navigate the energy transition journey to low carbon energy sources.

We are joined by Derek Mathieson and Gordon Ballard, with between them over 60 years of experience in OFS and both former senior executives with large multinational OFS companies. Issues such as over-capacity, technology, global supply chains etc. are discussed in the context of these industry bulwarks, their shrinking balance sheets and declining share prices. Will these companies regain their former glory? Or can we expect new companies and brands to take their place? We enjoy Derek and Gordon’s insight and candid comments on the topic.

As usual, you can find and listen on all of your usual podcast providers including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and TuneIn, just search for ‘over a barrel’ or alternatively click here to listen now.

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