HR Scale-Up Event with Ruth Chandler


Scale-up businesses are some of the most significant contributors to the UK economy, and often the pace of growth puts a huge strain on leaders and their teams. With people being every organisation’s most valuable asset, we brought together HR leaders and professionals to hear from Ruth Chandler, the former Chief People Officer of Skyscanner.

Ruth has an impressive background in HR leadership and is the former Chief People Officer of Skyscanner, which grew from three friends as a startup in 2003 to being acquired in 2016 by for a value of £1.4 billion.

In a discussion hosted by our very own Jaclyn Needham, Ruth's narrative extended beyond the realm of financial achievement; it was a testament to unwavering resilience, vision, and relentless dedication. Throughout the remarkable trajectory of Skyscanner's ascent, Ruth and her team confronted and conquered an array of challenges, paving the way for transformative growth. Ruth regaled us with her invaluable insights, recounting the experiences, learnings, and pivotal moments that shaped Skyscanner's remarkable journey. Discussions touched upon the ability to create good communications, showing vulnerability as a leader, and the culture of the fact that knowledge is not power.

And what better setting to facilitate this engaging session than the headquarters of Ooni -an embodiment of Scottish scaling success! As we gathered under the banner of shared growth, Ooni graciously extended their hospitality by providing a sumptuous breakfast.

Our discussions of the session were bound by the Chatham House Rule, fostering an environment of candid exchange. Attendees engaged in spirited conversations with the opportunity to network with fellow leaders and explore the realm of leadership that has propelled other scale-up businesses to unprecedented heights.

One attendee expressed their gratitude, noting how Ruth's anecdotes from her Skyscanner story resonated and provided a chance to reconnect with familiar faces. The insights from this event enabled an inspiring environment to delve into leadership dynamics within rapidly growing organisations, guided by Ruth Chandler's expertise.

The insights shared during our recent HR Scale-Up event were nothing short of inspiring and offered a remarkable opportunity to delve into the world of leadership within rapidly growing organisations.

As we reflect on the experiences exchanged at Ooni, we want to hear from you. Join our conversation by sharing your thoughts and comments -let us continue to explore the dynamic landscape of leadership and grow together. One of the key reflections from our event day was the importance of having a tight circle or key confidant whom you can lean in to for support.

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