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FWB and the University of Edinburgh Business School are delighted to launch their 2024 Executive Leadership Programme. Back for its fourth year, the programme was established following the successful launch of both the Executive Women in Leadership and Non-Executive Development Programmes, all of which have now supported over 600 delegates in furthering their careers. The ELP is designed at enabling the next generation of leaders across multiple ownership classes or organisations within a broad range of private, public and non-profit sectors.

Executive education has become increasingly vital in the post-COVID hybrid working environment, where remote leadership and data-driven decision-making are paramount. The shift towards even more technology-enabled leadership necessitates a deeper understanding of digital tools and analytics to drive strategic initiatives effectively. With the increasing amount of data available, leaders need to be skilled in using data to make informed decisions. They must understand how to gather, analyse, and interpret data, and use it to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities – the importance of judgement and consultative business partnering becoming even more important. Moreover, the heightened focus on people strategy and leadership development underscores the need for executives to foster strong, adaptable teams in diverse, virtual settings. This means fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and teamwork, and providing the tools and resources needed to enable team members to work effectively together, regardless of their location. Developing one’s leadership identity through tailored executive education programmes helps leaders gain the essential skills and experience needed to navigate these complex challenges and position themselves as board-ready candidates. By investing in continuous learning, executives can stay ahead of industry trends, enhance their strategic thinking, and lead their organisations with confidence and innovation in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The ELP, an interactive, MBA level programme, has been designed for participants developing their careers in senior and executive management based on their own leadership and career goals. It will build on existing leader development activities such as identifying competency gaps and individualised  development plans, as well as supplying the tools, strategies, and networks to support and challenge participants as they develop their careers in senior and executive management.

This year’s ELP will run from August – December 2024 with sessions designed to cover relevant development areas for those recently taking up senior leadership positions or for those with senior leadership and Board potential.

The programme will include learnings and practical experience from business leaders supplemented with academic learning frameworks. Individual modules will involve case studies and discussion, with each session led by a senior Business School Academic who is an expert in the topic, and a successful C-Suite leader (Chair, CEO, CIO, CPO etc) who will describe very frankly and honestly their own challenges and successes in dealing with germane issues throughout their career.

The topics have been curated on feedback from CEOs and Chairs based on the knowledge, insight and curiosity they believe their senior leaders and aspiring Board members should seek to develop. The programme has been designed to be very interactive with group discussions, plenary sessions and informal Chatham House Rules Q&A with the guest speakers. The delegates, who come from a variety of sectors and functional areas, will gain a great deal of practical advice about succeeding in business in a very interactive format, not only from the Academics and Keynote speakers, but also from each other, which will lead to a strong, influential and diverse network which will continue to grow, enabling them to develop strong relationships for business and personal development.“The value in hearing from and meeting like-minded professionals across industry and sector was extremely valuable and reassuring when considering my own development and professional network going forward.”“The range of topics was extremely current, valuable and preparatory for my future executive and non-executive learning and development.”

This year we are delighted to welcome speakers in the form of some of the UK’s top leaders across Private and Public Sector, Disruptive Entrepreneurs, Experienced NXDs and some of the UK’s top academics on topics that include

  • Developing and Implementing Strategy
  • Creating and Leading Business Transformation
  • A Plan For Living and Leading with Artificial Intelligence and Increased Technology Innovation
  • Driving Sustainability Effectively For Business and Environmental Benefit
  • Building and Driving High Performing Teams
  • Board Readiness And Governance
  • Managing Your Career and Fulfilling Ambitions

Details of the programme and syllabus can be found here or to arrange a discussion with one of our Course Organisers please contact elp@fwbltd.com.

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